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Why hire a professional executor?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Estate Planning

It’s not uncommon for people to choose an adult child or other close family member to oversee their Florida estates when they die. However, it may be worth considering a professional executor as opposed to your oldest son, granddaughter or someone else who may not have the skill or desire to serve in this role.

You’ll have an objective representative

A professional executor won’t have any emotional attachment to you, your family or your property. Therefore, it won’t be as difficult to stick to the terms of your will even when confronted by various demands from your surviving children, friends or others. Furthermore, an executor will know who to turn to in the event of a will challenge or if other issues arise during probate. This minimizes the risk of a mistake that could cost your estate or otherwise make it harder to settle your affairs in a timely manner.

Your executor won’t back out

A professional executor may retire, quit or change careers before you die. However, that’s less likely than your son reneging on an agreement to oversee your estate or the possibility that your chosen executor will predecease you. Even if something happens to your hired executor, someone else from that professional’s firm can take over without doing too much damage to your estate plan.

A professional executor won’t skip steps

A professional executor is less likely to fail to secure assets or fail to file final tax returns promptly. Your hired executor is also less likely to distribute assets, pay expenses from a personal account or take other steps that might delay the process of settling your affairs properly.

Hiring an executor may be an ideal way to ensure that your final wishes are honored upon your death. Doing so may reduce the odds of family infighting or hurt feelings that might motivate a friend or relative to challenge your will or take other steps to hurt your estate after your death.