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Do you need a Florida CDFA?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Family Law

A Florida divorce is often a stressful and emotional time in a person’s life. The process is even more stressful when there are complicated financial issues. A certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) can help you deal with the financial aspects of your divorce.

What is a CDFA?

A CDFA is a person who specializes in helping couples handle the financial aspects of their divorce. A CDFA works with you, your spouse and the divorce attorneys to provide financial expertise about your divorce.

During your divorce, a CDFA considers the financial implications of various aspects of your divorce. For example, a CDFA will analyze things such as child support, alimony and division of property. This person will then give their professional opinion about these financial matters.

Do you need a CDFA?

Your need for a CDFA depends on the circumstances of your divorce. You may or may not find a CDFA beneficial. However, you might consider this option if:

  • Your divorce is financially complicated. Perhaps you have a business, commercial real estate or several other valuable assets to consider.
  • You have limited knowledge about finances in general. You might not understand how some of your options, such as child support and alimony, will affect your finances.
  • You and your spouse are fighting over finances. A CDFA can help create a fair settlement.

Where to find a CDFA

You might want to contact the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts to begin your search. Your divorce attorney, a friend or a family member might also have a recommendation.

Before choosing a CDFA, verify that the person is certified. You can check their credentials with the organization that gave them the certification. Also, you’ll have to determine if you feel the person is right for your divorce. The person should communicate well and make you feel at ease.