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Established Litigators For Civil Claims And Lawsuits

A dispute involving business, real estate or another area of life involving contacts and legal obligations can be draining on all concerned.

No matter whether the conflict is about collections, performance or other issues, it is advantageous to have a skilled attorney on your side from the start. A trial lawyer who understands your goals and can defend your rights is a valuable ally.

At Glickman & Witters, P.A., you will find trial attorneys of the caliber you are looking for. As a plaintiff or defendant, you may have much to gain or lose. Legal counsel in the early stages can prevent your dispute from escalating to the litigation stage. As your case progresses, effective representation becomes even more critical.

Our lawyers are ready to stand beside you no matter when we come on board.

Our Team Will Champion Your Cause

To protect your interests, turn to our law firm. We offer customized counsel and zealous advocacy regarding your civil litigation case involving allegations of:

This is not a comprehensive list. Your civil litigation or pending case may have to do with other areas of the law altogether. We are ready to investigate the facts and represent you in pursuit of a just resolution. Our lawyers may help resolve your case through negotiations, mediation or a trial. To protect your interests, we will always recommend the most cost-effective and promising ways forward.

How Our Civil Law Practice Stands Out

From law offices in West Palm Beach, we serve clients throughout the region. Our firm has been solid and steady in this community since 1977. Our senior partners both have 40 years of experience practicing law. We know about trends and values in the area that may affect your civil claim or lawsuit.

Begin now collaborating with us to personalize an approach to your legal conflict. We will be transparent about the projected costs and likely benefits of bringing a lawsuit. If someone has already served you with notice of a lawsuit, we will help you pursue the most promising defense strategy.

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