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Address Your Family’s Legal Issues With Confidence

Family law is a broad field covering many aspects of personal life, including marriage, divorce, paternity, financial support, division of property, and various parent-child issues. Post-judgment family law matters include the modification of support obligations or child timesharing, as well as the enforcement of existing agreements and orders.

Our lawyers at Glickman & Witters, P.A. have extensive training and experience in all family law matters. Curtis Witters has been Board Certified as a specialist in Marital and Family law since 1994.

In complex family law cases, we often work with the leading forensic accountants in this area, to secure the most favorable results for our clients.

Our Family Law Attorneys Adapt To Clients’ Needs

Family law has evolved extensively since we opened our law firm in the 1970’s. No-fault divorce was still relatively new in Florida at that time, gender bias in custody cases seemed common, same-sex marriage did not exist, and surrogacy laws were not yet on the books.

In the years since founding the firm, our family law practice has grown and adapted with societal changes, legislative action, and court decisions. We have seen many other law firms come and go in Palm Beach County, but our practice has thrived, and our reputation has grown. We believe this is because our focus has remained upon the attainment of our clients’ goals and priorities.

Our Family Law Services

Whether you are a boomer, a millennial, or a member of any other generation, we are ready to address your family law issues:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce or legal separation.
  • Child custody and parental timesharing or visitation.
  • Alimony or child support for married couples experiencing divorce or separation.
  • Child support for unmarried couples.
  • Equitable distribution (property division), including the discovery of hidden assets.
  • Division of retirement assets through qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).
  • Business valuation in cases involving ownership of an entity.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
  • Paternity actions, stepparent adoption and other private adoptions.
  • Name changes, guardianships, conservatorships, domestic violence, orders of protection and child welfare cases.

Some of these matters, such as guardianship and conservatorships, are handled in probate court, but people often reach out to our family law attorneys for guidance in these areas, too.

What Challenges Is Your Family Facing?

No matter what your family law concerns are, we have answers, and we are ready to customize a plan to match your needs. Our Florida family law attorneys are here for you.

Reach us by phone at 561-760-9198 or reach out to us by email to schedule a consultation.