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Time-Honored, Trustworthy And Up-To-Date Construction Law Services

In the world of construction, legal considerations go hand-in-hand with logistics, funding, marketing and other ingredients of success. As a general contractor, investor or property owner with expansion and renovation plans, you are wise to seek a reputable construction law firm. Glickman & Witters, P.A., fills the bill beautifully.

Attorney Garry Glickman leads our construction law practice. He has devoted large portions of his legal career to advising and representing people and businesses associated with construction activity in the West Palm Beach area and beyond. Our law firm can be your No. 1 source of strategic guidance for all your construction issues.

Transactions And Conflict Management For Your Florida Construction Activities

From the time you place a bid on any aspect of a construction project, you need legal counsel for issues such as the following:

The list above is not intended to be comprehensive. Your needs will depend on the type of project you are engaged in and where you are in the timeline for completion. To discuss your legal areas of need and develop manageable checklists to guide your construction projects, consult with an attorney at Glickman & Witters, P.A., at your earliest convenience.

A Flexible Construction Law Practice With A Strong Reputation

At Glickman & Witters, P.A., we take pride in the supportive roles we have played in the growth and development of West Palm Beach and neighboring communities over the decades since 1977. We welcome and advise a wide range of clients, including individuals, developers and large-scale construction companies.

To schedule a consultation about any area of construction law in our region of Florida, call us at 561-760-9198 or send an email inquiry.