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When Divorce Is On The Way

The end of a marriage means many things to many people. It can come as a shock or offer relief after a troubled marriage. Your life, your marriage and your divorce are all unique. The legal counsel that you look for should be customized to match your perspectives, concerns and goals.

At Glickman & Witters, P.A., we apply the knowledge acquired through nearly decades of experience to each case. We practice family law for the benefit of each client.

  • What worries you most as your marriage nears its end?
  • Costs, timeliness, children’s well-being, real estate valuations or business interests?
  • Do you hope to challenge an unfair prenuptial agreement?

No matter what your concerns and priorities are, we are confident that we can devise a just-right strategy to meet your needs.

What Your Florida Divorce May Look Like

Our long-lasting relationships with countless divorce clients over the past 45-plus years have given us insights into many variables that can affect the outcomes. Your divorce’s complexity and direction may depend on one or more of the following:

  • How long you have been married
  • Who has brought in more income, if applicable
  • What role the lesser wage earner has played in the marriage
  • Whether you share minor children
  • What debts and assets are involved
  • Whether either of you accuses the other of marital misconduct, such as extramarital affairs or dissipation of marital assets
  • Whether troubles such as drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling or domestic violence are part of the big picture

We are a dedicated team of attorneys offering proven guidance to match your concerns. We can help you arrive at an efficient rational, equitable property agreement with your spouse. We will represent you as you negotiate or mediate to find solutions to child custody and support, and spousal support if it is appropriate. If an amicable resolution proves to be difficult or impossible. we may advise or represent you in mediation or – as a last resort – a trial.

We understand that divorce is often emotional and can become more complicated than you expect. While today’s practical considerations may bog you down, your financial future and parent-child relationships require full, careful consideration. We will answer your questions and encourage you to take the long view. A new family structure can restore a sense of stability once you and your spouse agree or a divorce judge makes important decisions.

Start The Necessary Legal Conversations

Our lawyers have earned and retained a strong reputation as evidenced by enthusiastic referrals over the years. We are ready to ease your way while also protecting your interests.

To schedule a consultation with a West Palm Beach-based divorce attorney, contact 561-760-9198 or send us a message. We will respond promptly.